This blog includes photos from previous projects, of ongoing art events and glimpses of the new series I am working with. It is a blog of my daily inspiration: how to combine words with images, to work with both and with different materials. And things like the sea, moving between places, using colours, growing nature, cultures’ marks. Letting the visual and emotional parts be stronger, relying on them. On film and of light.

Previously I have blogged under the name of Two Lights  – > You can find all the old blogposts here.



Water Rituals Biography

Biography of Iiris-Lilja Kuosmanen and Anniina Lehtinen Iiris-Lilja Kuosmanen is a Finnish Visual Artist and Photographer living in Paris, France. She graduated 2012 from the ...
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Upcoming Water Rituals

Follow our Water Rituals Performance times in this blog or here in the news section.  If you have a chance to be in one of ...
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Water Rituals first performance

The first performance of Water Rituals, a work done by me and musician Anniina Lehtinen, took place at Kuopio Dance Festival in June 17th, 2018 ...
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