This blog includes photos from previous projects and also it is a blog about my daily inspiration and work. My everyday thoughts and places I happen to find myself in. The sea, french language, laughing, moving, staying, loving, using and not using colours. Growing nature, love, cultures’ marks. Growing, staying still, moving, letting the visual and emotional parts be stronger, relying on them. On film and of light.

Previously I have blogged under the name of Two Lights  – > You can find all the old blogposts here.



Working with green, movements of light in the water.

Currently working in Mazzano Romano artist residency. Thanks to Väinö Tanner Foundation ...
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Evening above the rice fields

In the city of Lahijan, Iran, near the Caspian Sea. The smell of smoked rice and fresh tea leaves is everywhere. In Iran, (places where ...
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