I look for a place where we find ourselves, a place where we want to disappear into. Elements of that place interests me and how it appears to us. How we adapt to it. How we move there, where we can not reach. I have photographed the treetops, colors of the sky, marks the rain has left behind. How a person moves in these moments, adapts to this scenery. And how you look for this landscape and want to move inside it, away from the cities, urban environment. In these photos you barely see the traces of them. Photos encourage you to step into this world, where there are no more signs of the urban.

A  state that a person longs for. Moving between these two worlds is difficult. Where there is no road, only water surrounding you. I have photographed the photos of this series in France, Finland and Brazil inside big cities. The forests around and inside Rio de Janeiro and Paris act as a stage of my photos. Places where the city loses its meaning.