Evening above the rice fields

Evening above the rice fields

In the city of Lahijan, Iran, near the Caspian Sea. The smell of smoked rice and fresh tea leaves is everywhere. In Iran, (places where I visited last year,) sounds are valued more highly than for example in Finland or France. Everywhere where I went, there was a sound installation in the air. In the forests or by the beach, they put little loudspeakers all around to play some music. Of course they are used for prayer calls sometimes as well, but mostly it was for beautiful soundscapes that sounded like it was composed for the environment, the place itself. Also the prayer calls where quite musical and if you scroll down in my instagram feed here, you can see a video from Iran and listen to the prayer call echoing from the mountains all around. The video is from the village called Masuleh, built on the mountain side. 

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