Installations and Performances



2019, Finnish Cultural Institute in Madrid, Spain (dates upcoming soon)

Water Rituals Performance

30th of June 2019, Ars Libera, Kuopio, Finland

Water Rituals Performance

17th of April 2019, Finnish Institute in Rome, Italy

Water Rituals Performance

27th February 2019, Sibelius Museum, Turku, Finland

Water Rituals Performance

23rd-25th of November, 2018, Kahtmandu, Nepal

Water Rituals Installation in Micro Galleries Live Weekend, Kathmandu, Nepal

2nd of November, 2018, Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki, Finland

Water Rituals Performance

30th of October, 2018, Sound Museum, St Petersburg, Russia / Finnish Culture Institute of St Petersburg

Water Rituals Performance

15th of June, 2018, Kuopio Dance Festival, Elo Forum 

Water Rituals Performance

September, 2017 Vienna, Austria

Installation of Hanging Gardens, Group show, Visit Past Present Future

6-21 October, 2017 Kampung Kecil, Jakarta, Indonesia

Installation of Hanging Gardens, Participation in an installation of Micro Galleries

The book of Le Projet Kairouan featuring The Hanging Gardens published 2016 The book from le Projet Kairouan, The 2nd Euro-Maghreb Residence held in Kairouan, Tunisia in  May 2015. Visit Le Projet Kairouan.


Water Rituals At Kuopio Dance Festival Elo Forum in Kuopio City Theatre, June 2018


At Micro Galleries Jakarta event in Indonesia, October 2017


At Space in Vienna, Austria, September 2017