Kairouan Carriers

Le Projet Kairouan: Carriers

Carriers is a series photographed at the 2e Résidence Euromaghrébine de Photographes in Kairouan, Tunisia. I photographed children, their position in the streets and how they belonged to their environment. What were their relations to each other. My approach was quite classic portraiture, I wanted to photograph each child alone, in their place. Environment is important, how they own the streets and what seemed important, they were all on some sort of mission. Hence the word Carriers: they were often running small arrants for their family, buying bread etc. I only photographed young children. All the children wanted to be in a photo, they had a light warm atmosphere in them. How will they grow in these streets in this age. How will they support each other and their place. I wanted to see how they will stand alone, give them one second without others, to pair the photos again later, to put them together, as they will be. In their place, their presence grows.

Assistant: Yosra Nebti