Micro Galleries: Disrupting Climate Disruption

Micro Galleries: Disrupting Climate Disruption

Sick of climate inaction? So are we! So we are starting a new movement: a global day of creative action on the day of the UN Climate Action Summit. While people sit in rooms discussing the urgency of slow change, we will be all over the world, creating small change with urgency! And we want YOU to be part of it.

**Disrupting Climate Disruption: Global Day of Creative Action.**

Registration is now OPEN!


On the 21 September, we are calling out for you to mobilise within your community, and develop, present and document a public, creative response to climate disruption; impact the world right where you are.

This work can be ANYTHING: mural, performance, installation, a reading, a poster, projection mapping, music – anything you want to contribute that heightens the awareness of this issue, and creates positive change – for your community, and the global community.

Climate disruption art makes the biggest threat to our existence a cultural reality, and provides a way for us to include the voices of the most vulnerable communities around the world.

So we are going to put climate disruption art everywhere and make it accessible to everyone. GET INVOLVED!

Don’t have an idea but want to participate? No problem, as one of our artists, Adam Kuby, has created an open source project called “Sea Level 2080” so anyone can be an artist and activist! Just sign up, download all the information and installation guide. It’s simple, but powerful.

Head to our website to learn more about the project, how you can be involved, download information and materials, and revel in the fact you took action, and made something cool for your community to boot!

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