Nonville Road

“Nonville road” talks about the places where there are no people or traces of them but also about the specific place called Nonville near the village I was living in. My photos are places where people have disappeared into. I am not showing people in my photos, nor you can see the signs from the modern world. I want that you can vanish into the other time and place by looking at these photos.  Places turn to pictures of human activity when I find a sign of human beings in the scenery. Those signs evaporate to the light. Moving in the materials of nature is tricky but manageable. You can clearly see how nature supports everything.

I have photographed the different kind of homes and apartments people make for themselves, places where we find ourselves. For the exhibition I built a home, installation on the Nonville Road. The photos were the windows of that apartment. Another series on the Nonville Road is a documentation of the homeless people’s dwellings in Paris. Their dwellings turn to almost abstract signs of colours and forms before you realize what is actually on the photo. Last part is a documentation, the idea of the apartment that doesn’t really exist, but is being searched for.