What is life, but a dream

Turku, Suomi




Mazzano Romano, Italy



Blue Mountains, Australia



Blue Mountains, Australia




Grez-sur-Loing, France

Under the theme BLUEPRINT for Micro Galleries

This is a virtual collaboration between Water Rituals (myself and musician Anniina Lehtinen) and Australian Visual Artist Mandy Salter. The work is done online and will be featured online on our platforms and Micro Galleries social media sites, to be published 23rd of July 2020. Water Rituals was chosen by Micro Galleries to pair up with Mandy Schöne-Salter to create a work online under the theme Blueprint. We saw the Blueprint as a copy and started researching our own environments as a blueprint to the environment of others. We created a mirror image of a photo that was sent to us. Mandy sent a photo from Australia and Iiris-Lilja responded to this by searching a photo, a place similar to the one in Mandy’s photo. And vice versa. Finally Anniina created a piece of music from all of the photos, the final blueprint, a mirror we can listen to. A photo that was a copy of a place, is featured blue here. Like Alice went through the looking glass, we go through the photos and music like our very own blue looking glass. What is life, but a dream.